Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to monitor a site’s success. This service can track where a customer lands on the site, what search words they used, which site they came from, their geographical location, what language they speak, what operating system they use, and whether it is a computer or mobile device. For example, a customer from California searched for a computer consultant on Google and it brought them to From there, Google Analytics can also show how long a customer stays on a page, and where they went after that.

This information can be very useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is crucial that the appropriate customer finds your site, so that you don’t waste precious time on people that your company cannot provide service or products to. For example, if your company builds homes, you would not want children searching for ginger bread homes to find your site. Or, if your company can only handle local business in Hometown, USA, you may not want people from overseas finding your site.